Richmond Lunch Menu

Al-Hadi School provides a healthy and halaal/zabiha lunch program. Lunch is prepared each day in our full-service kitchen. For a nominal cost, students may purchase lunch at school. Lunches can be purchased through the EZSchoolPay App, which allows parents to conveniently upload funds to allocate towards lunch. It is the student’s responsibility to remember their lunch ID given to them through EZSchoolPay

Lunch prices are as follows: $4 for a small meal, $5 for a medium sized meal, and $6 for a large meal.

How to Upload Funds to your Lunch Account

Students are welcome to bring lunch from home. Parents are requested to ensure that all food provided to children is halaal. The presence of non-halaal food undermines the Islamic environment that the school strives to maintain. There are microwaves in the cafeteria where lunch can be warmed up. Students who bring lunch from home may store their lunchboxes in their homeroom (elementary school). Middle and high school students’ lunchboxes must remain in their lockers until lunchtime. Students who bring lunch from home should also bring their own lunch supplies, such as spoons, napkins, straws, condiments, etc.

Click here to download a printable menu