Elementary School

At the elementary level, instruction is provided in academic subject areas consisting of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

Kindergarten students engage in meaningful listening, speaking, writing and reading experiences through the use of poems, books and writing activities designed to develop early reading and writing skills. First grade fosters individual growth in reading and writing. Students are taught common sight words and sound-symbol relationships (phonics) in the context of meaningful application. The Saxon Phonics program trains in phonics awareness to build a strong base for writing and reading fluency.

Students in second grade engage in a greater variety of reading texts while continuing to build writing skills. Daily practice of reading  is stressed until students can independently use reading strategies such as predicting, using prior knowledge and retelling.

Third grade students deepen their understanding of text through written and oral language experiences. Students are encouraged to relate what they read to their own lives noting similarities and differences, solving problems and evaluating the characters. The reading program includes a variety of resources such as “Collection for Young Scholars" and Pearson Guided Reading program. Speaking and listening skills are refined through class discussions, and oral presentations etc.

Students in fourth and fifth grades are exposed to a variety of reading materials including fiction, plays, poetry, non-fiction. Children engage in literary discussions to interact with the text and extend their reading comprehension.

Social Studies

At Kindergarten level, Social Studies is integrated with Language Arts at the Kindergarten level. The ‘Weekly Studies’ program is used for grades one through 5  and includes a brightly  illustrated newspaper issue which covers the Core Social Studies standards for each grade level.

Students in first and second grades learn concepts such as sharing, responsibility, citizenship, community, map skill, and state symbols.


Pearson math Program is implemented from Kindergarten through fifth grades. The objectives of the Pearson Math Program are in accordance with National standards. The Pearson program is

The Program stresses critical thinking to develop essential understanding of important math concepts and skills solving aspect.