Student Life


All core subjects as well as many electives including - Physical Education, Health, Art & Computer Literacy are offered in English. Curriculum objectives are based on National standards as set by the Council of Teachers of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Science instruction includes lectures as well as lab classes. The program offers instruction in Arabic (as a second language), and Islamic and Quranic Studies at multiple levels, based on student placement. The Islamic Studies curriculum is based exclusively on the Jafferia school of thought, although other schools of thought are respected and recognized. Daily congregational prayer is offered at mid-day. Students are encouraged to practice their daily prayers based on the jurisprudence that is practiced within their homes.


Learning objectives are achieved through an integrated and center-based approach with emphasis on hands-on and student based learning. The average student-teacher ratio is one to fourteen.


As per accreditation standards, core subject teachers are either state certified or in the process of certification with at least a Bachelors degree. Teacher Assistants are provided in many elementary classrooms. A girls coach provides sports and physical fitness activities for girls in grade 4 and upwards.


Physical education facilities include an outdoor playground, an indoor play area/gym, a small soccer field with carpeting and an almost full-sized, outdoor basket-ball court.