The ESL (English as a Second Language) program at Al-Hadi helps speakers of other languages to attain grade level language skills in the areas of reading, comprehension, grammar, spelling and writing. The program provides limited English proficient students with a carefully structured sequence of basic skills in their native language as well as gradual skill development in English. Students have the opportunity to sharpen their listening and speaking skills which eventually helps them to have a better understanding of English using a variety of everyday scenarios. It also helps them build confidence when they communicate in the real world. Learning activities include role-playing, use of listing centers, interactive games, greetings from a variety of media, wordwalls to build vocabulary, writing workshops that include spelling grammar, and public speaking for verbal clarity. Field trips are also included in the program in order to add the cultural context to English language learning. Sample venues include local libraries, grocery stores and museums.  Students are evaluated at the time of enrollment and periodically thereafter to ensure progress towards their individual goals in preparation for transition into the regular instructional program.