For today's students, technology is essential. At Al-Hadi, we strive to make technology and computers an integral part of our curriculum. We educate students on computer use and safety and use technology to connect and expand our students' universe of knowledge.

A large computer lab equipped with printers and scanners is available. Every classroom is equipped with a Computer for the teacher with access to the internet, printer, and all required desktop applications. The entire campus is equipped with wi-fi for both staff, students and visitors to access the internet.

Our students are introduced to computers as early as pre-kindergarten and quickly gain experience and confidence. Young students learn the basics of proper keyboarding, simple word processing skills, and take part in interactive Internet-based projects that reinforce these skills. Older students expand on these basic skills and learn to effectively navigate the Internet as they conduct research, create presentations, and master new technologies. Our High School students engage in learning HTML and coding.