Karbala Play

Imam Redha (a.s.) said: “Blessed is he who relives our tradition” and he was asked; “How does one revive your tradition?” He (a.s.) said: “To learn our knowledge and teach it to the people for if people knew the goodness of our words they would follow us.”

Reliving the tragedies of Karbala and its aftermath is reliving the symbols of religion and renewing the Ummah’s allegiance to its Prophet (s.a.w) and his pure Progeny. (a.s) Thus it boosts our input to fit the aspirations of Imam Hussain (a.s) and his lofty status. Keeping up with the annual tradition, Al-Hadi organizes the much awaited Karbala play every year. The plot reenacts the events that followed the tragedy of Karbala. Preparation and rehearsal for the play begins weeks earlier, keeping the cast and directors busy. Parents volunteer in helping students prepare and rehearse for the play and their hard work and efforts are clearly reflected in the quality of student’ performance on the stage. The well-constructed props create the perfect environment and backdrop for the events to unfold. The costumes add glamour and reality to the performance.

Kudos to Al-Hadi students who captivate the audience till the last moment with their dynamic performance.The annual play is a touching and educationally informative event for all ages. A large number of community members come to see the performance and appreciate the efforts of Al-Hadi students, staff, parents and volunteers. 


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