If you discipline a child, leave him room to turn away from his wrong action so that you do not leave him with stubbornness as his only way out. - Imam Ali (as)

Extracurricular Activities

Al-Hadi makes every attempt to provide a wide array of extra-curricular activities for our children. Students are encouraged to participate in stimulating activities, and become part of different organizations and clubs. These activities are provided during school hours and after school. Some of these include:

  • Private School's Interscholastic Association (PSIA) Competition

  • Yearbook Club

  • Spilled Ink Student Newsletter

  • MAHDI Student Volunteers

  • Engineer's Week Future City Competition (SIM CITY)

  • Science Fair

  • Speech & Debate club

  • Basketball Clubs

  • Karate Clubs

  • Table Tennis
  • S.T.E.A.M
  • Study Buddy
  • Field Trips

  • Islamic Art

Private School's Interscholastic Association (PSIA) Competition

Elementary & Middle School students will be participating in the Private School Interscholastic Association competitions. Teachers and parents share the responsibility of preparing students who qualify and choose to participate in PSIA events.

Speech & Debate Team 

The Al-Hadi School is excited to announce the formation of an after – school Speech & Debate Team for 9th – 12th grade Boys and Girls. The Speech and Debate Team is specifically designed for the student who is interested in competitive debate and forensics (specifically platform speaking). Moreover, the club includes participation options for two main competitive brackets, Speech Events (Extemporaneous Speaking, Poetry, Oratory, etc.) and Debate Events (Cross - Examination Debate).

Year Book Club

The purpose of the Yearbook Club is to produce a quality yearbook that best represents Al-Hadi School.

Student Newsletter (Spilled Ink)

The purpose of the Student Newsletter Team is to increase student reading and writing comprehension through the active participation in creating a monthly newsletter for Al-Hadi School.

M.A.H.D.I. Student Volunteers

M.A.H.D.I (Muslim Alliance Helping to Develop Inner-cities) is a subcommittee of the Islamic Education Center of Houston, Tabligh Committee whose primary purpose is to serve The Almighty by helping the homeless & poor families in the Houston area. The MAHDI Student Volunteers are responsible for coordinating biweekly bake sales in order to raise funds to support the needy.

The Nation Engineers’ Future City Contest (SimCity)

This is a science competition for 7th and 8th grade students. Each team designs a city using SIMCITY software and then build a model of a section of the city as well as compose an essay on a topic in the field of engineering.

Science Fair

It is the school’s aim to provide our children with opportunities to explore and direct their natural curiosity through a process of scientific investigation. Learning the scientific method is a process that helps develop analytical and problem solving skills. Teachers will provide students with a precise guide to project making, encouragement, and support. Individual and group projects are highly encouraged. Parents are encouraged to work with their children to ensure proper guidance, involvement and a good outcome.

Field Trips

Students visit various educational venues included Museums, the theatre, the Zoo and the Arboretum.