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Project 10K

What is project10K? 

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Simply stated, project10K is a plan to raise funds through automatic monthly contributions to help Al-Hadi School progress and expand beyond its current capabilities. Our goal is to solicit individuals to support education and our youth to reach their potential and become responsible citizens of tomorrow. 10K refers to the goal of raising $10,000 every month through the program over a period of time. If 1000 individuals contribute a minimum of $10 per month, this project would meet its stated goal.


How will your contributions help?

All contributions made through this program will be used in part to assist students in financial need (tuition assistance), and also to bring about improvements in specific areas of teaching in order to provide a much higher learning experience. Specifically, funds will be used for:

  1. Staff development and ongoing training
  2. Curriculum and academics enhancement
  3. Upgrades to the computer and science labs
  4. To provide technological advancements and resources
  5. Classroom resources and learning aids
  6. Financial assistance and sponsorship for deserving students
  7. Other areas of school improvement 

Based on pre-identified needs and priority, funds will be allocated to an appropriate project or activity. As a contributing member, you will receive an annual statement showing your payments, which can be used for tax-exemption.


How can you participate in the program?

To enroll, please email project10K@alhadi.com, call the Al-Hadi Finance office at 713-787-5000 ext 2507, or pick up a program brochure and enrollment form at the Al-Hadi office. Your monthly contribution can be setup via a Credit Card or Bank Account. Minimum requested amount for contribution is $10 per month.

After you sign up, once a month we will deduct the amount you authorize from your bank account or credit card on file. Please note: All information provided is held in strict confidence. Financial information that you provide is not stored on any personal computer or file. All payments are processed via a secure online payment process.

InshaAllah, your contributions will further help the Al-Hadi School achieve its mission "to provide academic excellence for all students in a safe and healthy environment following Islamic values".