If you discipline a child, leave him room to turn away from his wrong action so that you do not leave him with stubbornness as his only way out. - Imam Ali (as)

Events at AHS

2017-18 School Year:

National Honor Society

The Induction Ceremony for new members of the National Honor Society was held on Saturday, February 17th, 2018 at the Al-Hadi School of Accelerative Learning. Please click link for a detail report.


22nd Annual Fundraiser

The annual dinner is a much anticipated event. This year the school and community got together on February 10, 2018 to raise funds for the operational cost of the school. By the end of the event, $105.000.00 had been collected. Al-Hadi values its warm and supportive community and their partnership in education. Nowhere is this more evident than at Al-Hadi. where incredible support is received every year from the parents, grandparents, alumni, staff and friends who come together to support our Annual Fundraiser. Please click link for a detail report.


Pastry with Parents (Preschool - 2nd)

On Friday, February 2nd 2018, parents of preschool - 2 were invited to join their child for breakfast at school. Please click link for a detail report.


Pastry with Parents (3rd - 5th)

 On Friday, January 26th 2018, parents of grade 3-5 were invited to join their child for breakfast at school. Please click link for a detail report.


Birth of Holy Prophet (PBUH) Celebration - Milad & Door Decoration Competition

Please click link for a detail report.


Karbala Play 

Imam Redha (a.s.) said: “Blessed is he who relives our tradition” and he was asked; “How does one revive your tradition?”

He (a.s.) said: “To learn our knowledge and teach it to the people for if people knew the goodness of our words they would follow us.”
Reliving the tragedies of Karbala and its aftermath is reliving the symbols of religion and renewing the Ummah’s allegiance to its Prophet (s.a.w) and his pure Progeny. (a.s) Thus it boosts our input to fit the aspirations of Imam Hussain (a.s) and his lofty status. Keeping up with the annual tradition, the much awaited Karbala play was staged on November 3rd, 2017 to a packed Al-Hadi auditorium. The plot reenacted the events that followed the tragedy of Karbala. Preparation and rehearsal for the play began weeks earlier, keeping the cast and directors busy. Parents volunteered in helping students prepare and rehearse for the play.

To read more please click link.



 Al-Hadi students celebrated Eid e Ghadeer with religious fervor and enthusiasm under the guidance of Maulana Farhat Abbas. Various activities were organized in praise of Allah (swt), the Holy Prophet (saww) and Imam Ali (as).
The majid hall resounded with the recitation of the Holy Quran, nasheeds, congratulating Ameer ul Mumineen (as) and celebrating the Wilayat of Imam Ali (as) with Salutations were heard with reverence.
Teacher Sr. Parveen Baqri gave a brief history on Al-Ghadeer, explaining its importance and the duty of children to take the message home in regards to Ghadeer. She reminded the children to read history and to learn lessons from them, especially in relation to the Wilayat of Imam Ali (as) and his role in Islam. Ali Rizvi from Grade 8 and Baqir Salim from Grade 9, gave a Power Point Presentation highlighting the significance of the event of Ghadeer, after which students were asked questions and rewarded with small gifts.
Teachers and Students of Al-Hadi School congratulated all their colleagues on the historical declaration of the Wilayat of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) while they enjoyed delicious cupcakes.


Orientation Day!

Saturday, August 12th from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm (K-12).  Click here to read the orientation day report.



2016-17 School Year:

Eid Milad Un Nabi Door Decoration

 A spirit of festivity took over Al-Hadi as students, teachers and admin worked to decorate the classroom doors to celebrate Eid Milad un Nabi, the birth day of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

The preschoolers and their teachers joined in the hustle and bustle, each teacher trying to add to the spirit of fun and harmony.  And it was heartening to see admin on their hands and knees gluing the slippery green beads and cotton balls to enhance the dome and the clouds that adorned their main office door.

The doors reflect innovation and creativity; the systematic arrangement of the stars with the names of the prophet written by the students adorns one door.  The very elegant golden décor highlights the entrance to another classroom while a classroom door embraced and emblazoned in all red stands out in its glory, heralding the Prophets sayings.

In addition to the colors, teachers and students created images of Masjid-e-Nabwi, with the green dome as the central point.  Gold and silver glitter added the decorative touch.  Some teachers even placed sweets and desserts to share with students and staff which took the celebration to the next level.

Students and teachers wrote special messages to the prophet and highlighted the universal aspect of Islam and the eternal message given by our beloved prophet to MANKIND.  Picture of children from all over the world gave a clear message of UNITY, Peace and Acceptance of each other.

A door is wrapped up as a gift. When asked the teacher said, “My door, which looks like a gift, symbolizes what our Prophet and his message means to me. He was a gift to all of creation and his legacy continues as a gift for us all.”

Projects created by the students were proudly displayed on the door.  It was evident that time and effort and great thought had gone into decorating the door.

The Prophet, as the harbinger and symbol of MERCY was a recurring theme on the doors.

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Al-Hadi conducted the 7th annual National Honor Society induction ceremony on Saturday, February 4, 2017.  This year 31 students were inducted into the 3 different chapters (National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society & National Elementary Honor Society). The ceremony was well attended by the Al-Hadi parents, students and staff.

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

The students were led to the stage by their respective advisors – Br. Amir Golabbakhsh, Sr. Azra Ali and Sr. Sawsan Tawil, as the parents beamed proudly in the audience.  Dr. Humaira Bokhari, the principal had the inductees repeat the pledge after her. She then pronounced them as official members in the three different chapter of the Honor Society. The inductees had wide smiles as they accepted their certificate and official membership pin from their advisor.  

The Director of Education, Br. Dawood Mirza, addressed the audience emphasizing the importance of parents taking every opportunity to spend quality time with their children. These are the moments that parents should cherish!

Respected Maulana Farhat Abbas then took the stage to talk about the importance of the four pillars of NHS, as well as the importance of learning in Islam. The ceremony concluded with a closing dua’ by the Respected Maulana Farhat Abbas.

Importance of Jury Service

Al-Hadi high school students had a very informative session on the importance of jury duty and the civic responsibility of the individual to serve as a juror.

On Wednesday, January 11th, 2017, through the courtesy of The Houston Bar Association, Dr. Hal Wolff, a partner at the Hoover Slovace , Attorneys at Law firm, came to Al Hadi School to speak to the High School students about the Importance of Jury Service.

The speaker pointed out the two direct opportunities for individuals to participate in their government; serving as a juror is one of them.  He rightly referred to two quotes below and discussed them in detail.

I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.” -Thomas Jefferson

 “The right to trial by jury is the heart and lungs of liberty.” -John Adams

The Presentation, ‘American Juror: The Decision is Yours.’ was 75 minutes in length.

Dr. Wolff used a power point presentation to explain the intricacies of this concept, and encouraged the questions of the students, thereby turning the simple lecture into an interactive discussion.

The presentation concluded with an explanation of qualifications and exclusions from Jury Duty. It was emphasized that being a juror entitles each of us, regardless of wealth, background, or education an equal voice and a direct role in the administration of justice.  And by serving, we can have a direct impact in ensuring justice is obtained.

COMMENTS from Students.

Abid of Grade 11 felt appreciative that the presenter came in to educate the student body on their rights and responsibilities as young citizens.

Zoha Hassan of Grade 11, “Dr. Wolff was clear and helpful in his explanation about the role of a juror.”

Kinza Batool of Grade 11 added that as she had just finished a course in Government she was familiar with the concept. The speaker clarified and shed further light on the details of the Jury selection process, which was very helpful.

Hiba Hassan of Grade 10 added that she found the presentation enjoyable and was looking forward to taking the course on Government.

Library Transformed

Fresh!” “Impressive change!” “Amazed!” “Colorful!” “Warm and inviting!”

These are just few of the many words I heard students use to describe how they felt upon seeing the remodeled Al-Hadi School library. We had seen a great deal of hard work that went into boxing the books prior to winter break.  Shelf by shelf, students, volunteers and teachers, including the principal, carefully boxed, taped and labelled the boxes. “Yeah okay, maybe they’ll organize the books, change up the setting a bit”, that was the general perception some of us had when we heard that the library was being remodeled.

But what I saw today was definitely more than a few minor adjustments.

My curiosity grew at hearing students praise the change that had occurred in the library. Their expressions had a look of wonder when they spoke of the change. As I still hadn’t seen it, I couldn’t quite grasp what they meant.  Soon after class, I went straight to the library.  Instead of the dowdy, brown, smelly carpet was a freshly laid out wood floor.  The walls were no longer the odd blue shade, but a warm almond cream that gave a fresh look to the room.  The shelves were new and the height was just perfect for the little ones.  In addition, there were comfortable, colorful beans bags that not only brightened up the room, but also invited the visitor to sit, relax and read. I saw comfortable reading corners fully equipped with new rugs as well as a study area with tables and chairs. The books were properly organized and easily accessible. The shelves had been rearranged according to the students’ level.  The new setting had completely changed the environment making it welcoming and cozy. The library was divided to accommodate Al-Hadi students on one side, and IEC and other guests on the other.  The tree posted on one wall just adds to the touch.

Amazing! Keep in mind, all of this was accomplished in no more than two weeks! Talk about dedication.

I was filled with a sense of pride for my school at that moment, not only from how great everything looked but also of how diligently people from our community and school had worked together to bring this change for Al-Hadi students.

I am thankful to our school principal’s leadership and to all who helped realize this dream!