If you discipline a child, leave him room to turn away from his wrong action so that you do not leave him with stubbornness as his only way out. - Imam Ali (as)


In order to fulfill its mission, Al-Hadi School offers an advanced and rigorous curriculum aimed at preparing students to excel academically. Classroom instruction is designed to deliver curriculum objectives aligned to the National standards. An integrated, center based approach with an emphasis on hands-on, student based learning is employed at all grade levels. Individualized and small group instruction, lower level grades (PreSchool and Elementary classrooms) are self-contained.


Al- Hadi Preschool caters to the educational needs of children 18 months through five years of age. Our Preschool Program employs an integrated curriculum which is delivered a multi-sensory approach. We strive to foster a safe and stimulating environment where the creative abilities of each child are nurtured.  The curriculum includes Saxon Phonics, Saxon Mathematics and High Reach Curricula to help preschoolers develop communication, reasoning and social skills as well as prepare them for kindergarten.

Students are exposed daily to memorization of the holy Quran and Arabic language by native speakers. Islamic values are inculcated from the very early ages.

The backbone of our preschool [program the caring, qualified and dedicated teachers composed of well trained and professional teachers who strive to help children grow into unique and confident individuals.

All teachers have child development associate (CDA) certification, CPR, and first aid training. All classrooms are self-contained safe, organized and inviting. They provide a variety of learning centers including, art, library, manipulatives, pretend play, building, science, mathematics, writing, computer and sensory centers.

A typical day in preschool includes, center time, circle time, outdoor and indoor play, lunch and snack, nap, small and large group activities.

Student teacher ratio meets the requirement of licensed child care centers.

Part time and full time schedules are available between, 7:00 and 6:00p.m. Monday to Friday


At the elementary grade level, instruction in academic subject areas consisting of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies is provided by the teacher. Kindergarten students engage in meaningful listening, speaking, writing and reading experiences through the use of poems, books and writing activities designed to develop early reading and writing skills. First grade fosters individual growth in reading and writing. Students are taught common sight words and sound-symbol relationships (phonics) in the context of meaningful application. The Saxon Phonics program trains in phonics awareness to build a strong base for writing and reading fluency.

Students in second grade engage in a greater variety of reading texts while continuing to build writing skills. Daily practice of reading strategies are stressed until students can independently use reading strategies such as predicting, using prior knowledge and retelling.

Third grade students deepen their understanding of text through written and oral language experiences. Students are encouraged to relate what they read to their own lives noting similarities and differences, solving problems and evaluating the characters. The reading program includes a variety of resources such as “Collection for young Scholars and Pearson Guided Reading program. Speaking and listening skills are refined through class discussions, oral presentations etc .

Students in fourth and fifth grades are exposed to a variety of reading materials including fiction, plays, poetry, non-fiction. Children engage in literary discussions to interact with the text and extend their reading comprehension.

Social Studies

At Kindergarten level, Social Studies is integrated with Language Arts. The ‘Weekly Studies’ program is used for grades one through 5 in which students use a weekly brightly illustrated newspaper issue which covers the Core Social Studies standards for each grade level.

Students in first and second grades learn concepts such as sharing, responsibility,  citizenship, community, map skill, state symbols.


Pearson Math Program is implemented from Kindergarten through fifth grades. The objectives within the Pearson Math Program are in accordance with National standards. The Program stresses critical thinking to develop essential understanding of important math concepts and skills solving aspect.